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We are building a database of community members 
who are willing to help on emergency call outs in their areas. 
To clarify: our role is support and protection of victims until the police arrive. 
We work in conjunction with law enforcement, child welfare or any other legal entity required. 
If you are interested in being on our database please email:
your name, area and phone number to 911@optimystic.za.net 
This is to facilitate rapid response to calls for assistance in domestic violence and child abuse cases. Thank you.

So many people are asking us, "But what do you do?"

Our main aim is to help victims become thrivers!  We also raise awareness and show victims that they need not fear, be ashamed or stay silent.  We try to reach the majority of victims who do not report.  Those silent victims who live with the constant repercussions and are to ashamed or afraid to reach out for help.

We run various programmes:

Victim Crisis Intervention:  We have volunteers on standby to rescue victims from their situation should the need arise!

Support Group: We run a weekly support group as well as an online support group.

Silence Breakers:  We encourage people to sign our Silence Breaker Pledges where they  promise not to commit or condone violence or abuse and to report known cases.  As thrivers we tell our stories to encourage others to break the silence around abuse issues.

We currently have 4,267 Silence Breakers (click link to view)

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse: As wounded healers we encourage other survivors to embark on a journey of healing that is holistic and increases their chances of breaking the cycle and recommend the Morris Centre's programme - Survivor to Thriver as a vehicle to do this.

Bikers against Abuse:

We are a core group of bikers, riders, pilions and socials. 

We ride together and raise awareness, collect Silent Breaker Pledges and team up with other organisations and charities to increase our fundraising potential. 

The members and affiliates of Bikers against Abuse volunteer to help in emergency situations.  

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Donate to Optimystic

In order to get our organisation on a sound footing we are asking individuals to donate just R10 a month to Optimystic. Every person who commits to doing this will be receive a plaque on our Wall of Thanks as well as the knowledge that their R10 has made a difference in the lives of abused women and children.



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